Local History & Other Web Site Links

Below is a list of local history, archaeology and genealogy related web links that visitors to this site may find of interest. We will endeavour to keep these web links up to date and add to them on a regular basis.

Local History Links

The Excavation of an Iron Age Settlement at Thorpe Thewles, Cleveland, 1980-1982 - A link to a full on-line version of the official archaeological report for one of the UK's most famous Iron Age excavations. CBA Report No.65 by D. H. Heslop (1987).

Cleveland Family History Society - CFHS is an important site for anyone interested in tracing their family's genealogy within South Durham and North Yorkshire.

Sedgefield Family History Society - The website of the Sedgefield branch of the CFHS.  Updates 12/06/11

Sedgefield Workhouse - A brief history of Sedgfield's Workhouse and Poor Law Union. 

St. James Churchyard Burials - A transcription of burials in the village churchyard at Thorpe Thewles.

Victoria County History of the Parish of Grindon - An extremely informative on-line reproduction of the  Grindon Parish history section from the VCH of Co. Durham Vol. III, 1928. This summary history covers Churches, Manors and Charities related to the villages of the parish. 

Thorpe Thewles Iron Age Settlement - Links to Tees Archaeology's web pages covering the excavation of the famous Iron Age Settlement near Thorpe Thewles Railway Station.

An 1846-50 Ground Plan of Holy Trinity Church, Thorpe Thewles - Includes page links and information related to the church's architectural details.

Wartime Life at Fulthorpe Cottage (1939-42) - A description of David Hunter's wartime life in Grindon Parish. From the BBC's "Peoples War" web site project. A highly recommended article.

Wynyard Woodland Park (formerly the Castle Eden Walkway)

Views of Thorpe Thewles Railway Viaduct c.1979

"Gale causes damage to famous gravestone" - Did you know who William Cassidi was or where he was buried.

Grindon Parish - A brief introductory history, cemetery, population plus census information as presented by GENUKI, one of the UK's leading genealogical resource web site. 

Stillington Parish - A brief introductory history, cemetery, population plus census information as presented by GENUKI, one of the UK's leading genealogical resource web site.

Redmarshall Parish - A brief introductory history, cemetery, population plus census information as presented by GENUKI, one of the UK's leading genealogical resource web site.

Sedgefield Local History Society - The web pages of one of one of our neighbouring parish's local history groups. Updates 05/06/11

County Durham Related History Links

Durham County History & Heritage Forum - The web site of County Durham's central organisational hub of local history organisations. The CDHHF promote and facilitate member organisations in celebrating, researching and raising awareness of the history and heritage of County Durham, and provide an avenue for communicating and sharing of information between members and the wider community. Updates 31/05/11

Past Perfect - Past Perfect is a project run jointly by Durham and Northumberland County Councils. It uses the latest in virtual reality interactive technology to bring the archaeology and history of the two counties alive.

Durham County Local History Society

County Durham - Old Maps - A very useful site for local and county historians reproducing dozens of early maps of County Durham. Highly recommended web pages.

Durham Records Office

County Durham Community Heritage Project  - Supporting local history societies and community groups in preserving the heritage of County Durham.

Durham Records On-line

Wheatley Hill History Club 

Keys to the Past - Sites & Monuments Records plus other searchable history and archaeological details related to locations and sites within Durham & Northumberland. 

Cleveland & North Yorkshire Related History Links

An Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Norton, Cleveland - A link to a full on-line version of the official archaeological report for one of the UK's most famous Anglo-Saxon cemetery excavations. CBA Report No.82 by S J Sherlock and M G Welch (1992).

Teesside & Cleveland Local History Society

Tees Archaeology - Serving the archaeological requirements of the former Cleveland County area.

FAMILIA - Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council - A summary of the local history and genealogy source material that can be accessed through the libraries of Stockton Borough Council.

Stockton-on-Tees - Some history notes - A summary of the salient points in the history of Stockton-on-Tees.

North East History Pages: Stockton - Introductory notes related to the history of the Stockton-on-Tees district.

General Local History Interest Links

North East History - The Definitive History Site For The North-East - A very informative web site managed by the Northern Echo.

North East War Memorial Project - NEWMP aims to record every War Memorial located between the Rivers Tweed and Tees.

Local History Magazine (on-line) - Local History Online a web site were you'll find information about Local History Magazine the UK's only independent national magazine for anyone with an interest in local history.

Thorpe Thewles Station Model Railway Exhibit -Web site of "Durham Modellers" featuring information about David Thurwell's scale model of Thorpe Thewles Railway Station as it was in the 1920s and 30s. 

North East Region - History Time Line

Old Maps - An excellent web site for viewing early and first edition Ordnance Survey maps for the UK. 

The 1901 Census for England & Wales On-line - An excellent web site to use in genealogical and house history research. 

England and Wales Census Records Online 1841-1901

GENUKI - UK & Ireland: County Durham Genealogy & Local History Resources - A good site to start to your own genealogical research.

Heugh Gun Battery - The official web site of the Heugh Gun Battery which and Hartlepool Military Heritage Memorial Society.

Hearth Tax Online - The hearth tax was levied between 1662 and 1689 on each householder according to the number of hearths in his or her dwelling. The administrators were required to compile lists of householders with the number of their hearths according to county. This web site offers a down loadable copy of the County Durham Hearth Tax for 1666. Updates 31/05/11

Local Community Links

Stillington & Whitton Parish Web Site  - The web site of Stillington and Whitton Parish.

Sedgefield Town Council Web Site  - The web site of Sedgefield town council.

Grindon Parish Council  - Minutes of the last meeting of the Grindon Parish Council.

The Vane Arms - One of Thorpe Thewles two excellent village pubs.

The Hamilton Russell Arms - One of Thorpe Thewles two excellent village pubs.

Wynyard Planetarium & Observatory'

William Cassidi C of E Aided Primary School

The Stockton Six - A web site set up to cover the activities  of six closely linked parishes (namely; Grindon, Stillington, Redmarshall, Bishopton , Great Stainton & Wolviston) in Southern Durham & Teesside. 

Thorpe Thewles Residents' Association - Want to know what's happening in Thorpe Thewles today? Then have a look at the very informative web site of the local residents' association. 

Sedgefield Community Web Site - An excellent community web site serving the Sedgefield, Morton and Bradbury district.

If you would like to recommend a web site for inclusion in any of our above link categories please send details of them to our web master via the e-mail link icon below. 


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