The Green, Thorpe Thewles - Then & Now

(Image courtesy of Olive Lindley)

The above postcard image dates from the first decades of the twentieth century. In it from right to left can be seen the south west corner of Manor Farm, then the Vane Arms. The first of the next adjoining terrace hoses was once the village Post Office, a sign can be seen above its front door.  Continuing to the left we see a now unfamiliar view to the north over the fields to Grindon. Next we can see the adjoined terraces houses "Aislaby" and "Shalom". The remaining and now demolished building in the far left of the image was once the village blacksmith shop and in later years was used as a shelter for sheep. The large tree in the centre of the green is now longer standing. It was destroyed in a thunder storm in the late 1970s.      

The image below is roughly the same view as the one above nearly 100 years later (taken in the year 2006). The view has changed somewhat but is still very recognisable.

(Photograph courtesy of Mr. M. Smith)

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