Archery Practice

This photograph was recently  brought to our attention by Stella Clarke of Maltby in South Yorkshire. It shows three boys taking part in archery practice circa 1936. The boy pictured on the far right is Stella's farther, William Potter. The Potters were the last residence of Blakeston Hall before it was sold and finally pulled down in the 1950s. If anyone knows who the other two boys are we would be pleased to hear from you.

The boys in this scene are almost certainly pictured in the school yard of Grindon Church School in Thorpe Thewles. It is know from surviving log books from the school that archery was placed on the games syllabus in March 1933.  It is also recorded that at his time other out door games were played on a field opposite the school. This field was possibly the large rectangular one (see below) on which North Close was later built.

Thorpe Thewles Village c. 1918 showing location of the School House

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